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Philosophy and Apologetics

Stand to Reason      

Ravi Zacharias

Ligonier Ministries             

Hank Henegraaff


Global Ethics

Dr. William Lane Craig


Apologetics Information

Apologetics Resource Center

The Canadian Institute for Law, Theology, and Public Policy, Inc

Christian Answers

Christian Apologetics

Xenos Christian Fellowship

Michael Horner

Alvin Plantinga

The Evangelical Theological Society


Bibles & Bible Study

The Scripture Memory Connection

Each New Day a Miracle

Canadian Bible Society

Nelson Reference

Bible Database

The Bible Gateway 


The Word

Spirit and Truth

Online Bible Software Site

Christian Classics


Genesis & Creation  

Answers in Genesis

Institute for Creation Research

After Eden

Northwest Creation

Creation Science Evangelism

The Talk Origins Archive

Access Research Network

Institute for Creation Research

Creation Evolution Encyclopedia

Christian Answers

The Creation Research Society

Creation Science


Internet Shopping

John Ankerberg

Quick Verse Bible Software

Christian Websites

Sermon Audio

Alliance Life

Serve Him

One Place

Christian Links

The Voice of the Martyrs

Christian Freedom

Bible Places


Christian Ministries

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Toronto City Mission


Samaritan's Purse    

Chuck Colson

Charles Stanley

Black Forest Academy


Understanding Islam

Answering Islam

Islamic Interlink


Dealing with Cults

Alpha & Omega Ministries

Watchman Fellowship


Dealing with Abortion

American Collegians for Life

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform

Culture of Life

Ohio right to Life


Dealing with Homosexuality

National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality


Toronto Ontario Churches

Higher Ground Cafe

Careers and Professionals (CAPS)

Bayview Glen Church

Summit Community Church

Rexdale Alliance Church

First Alliance Church

Christian Missionary Alliance


Internet Church Ministries

Grace Community Church

Crossroads Community Church

Grace Christian Reformed Church

Church Meeting

Hungarian Church Meeting




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